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Get ready to discover the most important Mayan City Posclásico facing the majestic Caribbean Sea, protected by a large cliff, from where you have a spectacular view. Also, be pampered by fine white sand, after performing a guided archaeological one of our guides to take you to discover the secrets kept this ancient Mayan City tour.

After we enter the vast Mayan jungle that holds one of the most spectacular places in the Yucatan Peninsula: CENOTE EL SUEÑO, where you will enjoy crystal clear waters and you can be in real contact with nature. Go with our expert guides who will take you to meet these aquifers and will show you the ancient formations of stalactites and stalagmites that decorate this beautiful place. The Mayan World is without doubt, a fundamental part of this tour ... more information

In this exciting adventure, you will enjoy one of the delights of the Caribbean: our food, which is prepared at the time retaining its freshness and quality, which will be your choice: fish or chicken ?.

To complete visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, where we enter to observe the beautiful SEA TURTLES, besides being able to see a coral reef that gives life to hundreds of fish of different colors ... more information